Saturday, February 09, 2008

Haibun - Reaching Blue

Reaching Blue

How do they do it, I wonder as I lie
sprawled in my hammock? How do
the birds reach the blue in the sky?
How do they feel reaching blue?

I have jumped out of planes, been
lifted by colossal waves whilst surfing,
climbed dangerous cliffs, done triple flips
in gymnastics but never reached blue.

Then it happens.

As I row across the pond, a blueness seeps
into me and I keep saying "The sky is so blue,
have you ever known a sky so blue?" as a
camera keeps clicking like the trill of a bird.

The photograph in the gallery by my friend
Gabriela, considered the best of the collection,
is a black and white, extreme close-up of my face.

The sticker below says: "hortensia: reaching blue".

sky overhead -
a cloud disappears
out of the blue