Monday, April 11, 2005

Haibun - Hammock


Strung between two trees, the Mayan
hammock is a light woven webbing of
thin cotton strings. Together, cradled
above the green lawn and below the
blue-hued stars, the ecru hand-woven
bed holds us from dusk until dawn. How
I didn't know back then, the comfort of
the fringe, twisted back and forth between
my fingers, as I lay without you among
the wildflowers.

moonlight and shadow
ebb and flow
with the wind

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Haibun - Voleur de Roses

Voleur de Roses

After the thunderstorm, she hoists herself
over the stone fence into the rose garden.
Petals quilt the rain-soaked grass. A lightning-
swept wind blows through the brambles. The
intrique clings to her like a secret mist. Before
she escapes, she steals a plum - the ripe juice

remains of the thief -
bergamot, roses, plum
in the patchouly