Saturday, February 11, 2006

Haibun - The Comfort of Bubbles

The Comfort of Bubbles

Before I get to the beach, comes the grief.
I have been expecting it like our child I once
carried and lost. A sweeping stroke of sea
and sand curves one into the other the way
we once curved one into the other.
It is your birthday. You have left me.
Alone. Lonely. With only imagined memories
of the night of your death.
A wave curls, its hollow mirrors the hollow in
my heart.
As it dies, bubbles of seafoam at the shoreline
join the sand with its bubbles of breathholes.
Another wave has been born.
Afterwards, at the road, I turn back. There,
amidst bubbles of breath and foam, I find the
waves, waving.

by the shore
wavy lines of salt --